Tout Passe sponsort kindje

De bewoners van Tout Passe steunen een kindje via een hulporganisatie. Zo zorgen ze er voor dat dit meisje bijvoorbeeld naar school kan gaan. Lees de eerste brief aan ‘hun’ Esthefanny Dear Esthefanny,

We were very happy when we got a letter from Compassion with your picture. You look so beautiful! We hope to get to know you better in the years to come, and we will try to write letters to you as much as we can, but because we live so far away it might take a while before our letters reach you…
We think that handwritten letters are more special to receive and to write, but because of the distance, we thought it might be more convenient to write on-line letters. We hope you don’t mind!
Now we would like to introduce ourselves! We are not a family, but we are 12 students who live together in one house. We eat together, we study together, sometimes we play games together and in this way, we can share our lives with each other. We live in Utrecht, a small town in the centre of Holland. So far away from you!!
We would very much like to know more about you. Do you have some nice friends at your school? What is your favorite subject at school? And what games do you like to play?
We hope you and your family are doing well and that you have a good time in school. We look forward to receiving a letter from you!

Lots of love,

Arian, Tijmen, Lian, Lisanne, Johanneke, Marc, Mariska, Martijn, Anna, Quno, Jesse and Clarissa